How we met…

In December 2012, just before New Year, both Masha and I both visited an event where tens of thousands of Christians gather, organized by the community of Taizé. Every year they choose a different European city for this event. That year, it took place in the city of Rome. The church communities from the city of Rome and its surroundings gave everyone a place to sleep. Somehow, out of the masses of thousands, Masha and I were placed in the same small community which had its building near the Trevi fountain. We did not know each other yet and actually, we were not going to have an opportunity to really get to know each other this week. The hassle of the week did not provide such opportunities…

When we both left the city of Rome, the seeds that were planted in our hearts seemed to be those of friendship. Both of us had not been able to foresee what kind of seeds these were in reality….


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